Mine Coin Adventure 2

Minecraft Coin Adventure 2 is a fun online game where the best of your maneuvering skills get tested. During the time that you got trapped inside the place, you also have a chance to gather all the coins before searching for the way out. To win this Gogy online game, you will have to get by from one level to another. It's a simple game but not easy to master due to the sensitivity of the platform. You will have to rotate and move the platform so that it's in the right position that you want.

Calculate and estimate the path of the ball before cutting the rope and dropping it down so that it can roll over all the golden coins. If the ball falls down the hole before gathering any coins, you might not be able to pass that level. The more coins you can bring home, the higher your stars will be. Rotating the platform gently so that it can stip to the right angle to smoothly guide the ball downward.

Also, steer clear of any spikes that are placed around the map to keep your ball in one piece! This game is only one of many 2D arcade options from the long list of http://gogy.games/ that you can share freely with your group of friends! Don't miss out on some good games like Urban Subway Hooligans and Angry Vegetable later. 

Instruction to play:

Click on the left side to rotate the platform toward the left and click on the right to move toward the right.