Bridge Builder: Puzzle Game

Bridge Builder: Puzzle Game brings the new gameplay of puzzle game genres to the players here at Gogy online game. Some of the features resemble the usual puzzle gameplay, but you can look forward to more updates and new types of challenges. Not only is it a chance to explore your ability when it comes to puzzling, matching pieces, problem-solving, but it's also a quick test of eye and hands coordination.

If you can put these scattered bridges blocks to the right ones, the levels should be cleared. An amazing puzzle game like this comes with adorable 2D animation, clear images, and a bright color palette to make it user-friendly and kids of all ages can enjoy it. In order to connect the blocks correctly, the key to matching will be the number marked on each of them.

You need to quickly spot the number of bridges and the marks on them. These are the ones that can be connected to the block using the key as mentioned. After having specified which one to connect, it's your job to draw the lines of connection to connect the pieces. The one with the most pairs of matching will be the player who can turn all the levels green.

Move through the entire list of levels, each with a unique layout and a different number of block pieces. How quickly can you spot the bridge blocks and their correct partner in this game at Plenty of similar-themed games such as Follow Finger will guarantee a blast during the playtime, and they're also perfect for sharing with family and friends. Don't leave out any good gaming selection and conquer them all!

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse button to move and drop the blocks, or use the touchpad on tablets/ mobiles.