Tangram Puzzle

Tangram puzzle is quite a challenge, even for the best players in the puzzle section from Gogy land. Would you like to take a chance and see for yourself how good you are at puzzles? It's a game with 5 different packs, a total of 500 levels where you can push your problem-solving ability to the best of its possibility. It's also a great game for improving intelligence and brain capacity for kids.

There are seven pieces given to you on each level, however, the shapes and sizes of them will vary. Your job is simply to figure out the neat way of stacking all of them into the square platform. You can't let any of the pieces left off outside. There mustn't any black space left inside the grid as well. Rotate, change, and manipulate the pieces of tan to get the result that you want. It's very crucial to follow some simple rules because you will finish the levels here much faster.

As you arrange the grid, all pieces of tans must be connected as there is no left-over. Moreover, you can't overlap some parts or all of them. Keep in mind that the game only ends once you use all 7 pieces. Try out all the routes and solutions that you have in mind since there is no limit on time or number of moves. Choosing the right angle for each piece will be one of the tips to get to the winning point.

At http://gogy.games/, we encourage creativity and flexibilty to solve puzzles like these. For the fans of this genre, keep maintaining your speed and skills with more advanced games like Babel Tower or Word Holiday

Instruction to play:

Arrange and rotate the pieces of tans using the left mouse button.