ASMR Slicing

Slicing games like Fruit Ninja are such easy and enjoyable games that you can replay many times while competing with friends. This time, Gogy land upgrades the game up a notch with an additional feature of ASMR Slicing. You will carry out the same tasks of slicing the pop-up and different fruit pieces while they are on air. However, the highlight of this game is the enjoyable ASMR in the background every time you make a successful slice.

Slicing the fruits needs to follow the original rules of avoiding the bombs, explosives, and bad fruits. Only slice the delicious and fresh ones to put into the blender later. As you progress further, some big fruits will show up randomly. For these big pieces, the players will have to put in the effort to chop them off the bigger chunks and the small ones. Also, keep in mind that bigger pieces will drop off faster under the influence of gravity.

Once you reach the requirements of fruit pieces, all of them will be automatically put into the blender to create a nice and fresh juice. Let's see how many combinations of juice you can make within one chop! This type of game is easy to play, especially if you are looking for a distraction for little kids. Keep slicing and bring your scores to the top of the Leaderboard to claim the top title! Slicing freely and dodging the bad items, as well as listening to the soothing sound of ASMR will light up your mood significantly!

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Instruction to play:

Use the mouse or slide your fingers on the tablet device to slice the fruits.