Water Flow

Water Flow has one of the easiest rules in the collection of puzzle games from Gogy land. However, the players can look forward to the increasing difficulty as they reach higher levels and solve harder puzzles in this game. The game requires the kids to come up with a path to make sure that they can manage the flow of water properly. There will be more than 1 pin setting up around the place. These pins can be moved or adjusted from the left to right, up and down.

Moreover, the players can change them in different directions depending on their switches. It's your job to adjust the right pins at the right timing by pulling them towards the place that you want. The pipes will start filling with water if you manage to set the pin, the pipe and the can at the correct position. The crucial points are the order of pulling the pins and their position, which can be the block for preventing overfilling or spilling.

This game is fun and it's challenging enough to keep the players on their toes. Don't miss out on a single pin and let's see how many levels you can record. Keep in mind that the arrangement of pipes will only get more complicated and harder to determine the position of the pins. The more you play, the more creative you will become in targeting the right places. Time is not limited, therefore, think carefully before making your moves to avoid mistakes.

A friend to support and give bits of advice will be perfect for sharing this game in the quarantine season. Don't forget to check out more daily updated games from http://gogy.games/ with new features such as Escape Out or Join And Clash 2.

Instruction to play:

Click to drag and pull the pin.