Coin Dozer

Pushing the coins out from the machine in Coin Dozer requires your utmost focus, flexibility, and great hand-eye coordination for the highest results! The theme of this Gogy free game resembles the mechanism of a similar machine from a real-life casino. You will run the machine which pushes out coins. Your mission is to push as many coins and items out as possible.

There are chances that you can push all the most valuable items here to the gutters where you will win super cool prizes and gather the most power-ups! Do the coin pushing work strategically and maximize all of your rewards with the least number of pushes. Let's head over to the spin wheel and try it out now! It's time to play the jackpot slots to try your luck amongst thousands of online players. The highlight of this game is the realistic design and neon-like vibrant 3D graphics to capture your attention and increase the fun.

It resembles a casino game coin pusher experience and brings tons of fun moments when the players win something. Keep in mind that this game includes quests and daily events that bring bonus coins, so come and check out the section daily. Once you drop a coin into the machine, it falls onto the platform. Try to manage the direction and the place of dropping to push the prizes off the edge in one go.

The more you get in one turn, the higher your reward will be. Controlling your coin-dropping movements is the key element of winning this game here at, so pay attention to this task. Would you like to test out your amazing skills with other equally interesting games such as Cookie Clicker Climate Change or Metazoa Jigsaw for free? Capture the items with a wide range of gameplay now! 

Instruction to play:

Click to drop the coins.