Random Stop

Random Stop is not your ordinary game of puzzling that will bring the joy of aiming and shooting to you. Learn how to aim precisely and estimate the movement of the ball so as not to miss in this Gogy 2021 ball game. The yellow ball moves randomly around the board above the white guideline and it constantly moves without any notice. You need to hit it with the rotating shooting cannon.

If you miss the ball, it will automatically change locations. Be quick and decide to shoot fast to catch up with the yellow target before it moves. There is a total of three chances for you to fail. After that, the scores are recorded and the game is over. The only way to keep track of the ball's movement is to keep your eyes fixed on it. The moment that it moves, make sure to stay put and keep your white ball inside the cannon.

Only take a shot when the yellow ball is staying at the same place to make sure that you can capture it. How many successful shots can you make before the number of trials that you've got in the game runs out? The core of this arcade game from Gogy.games/ is different from the other puzzle game. There's no way to estimate or predict the movement or the direction of the yellow ball, which means that it's all based on your intuition and probability.

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Instruction to play:

Controlling keys: Click and move the left mouse cursor to aim at the yellow ball.