Block Collapse

Block Collapse is more than just an ordinary block-collapsing game on Gogy puzzle games. Thanks to the multiple diverse levels, you will be able to conquer more types of layouts for puzzles and showcase a few of your talents when it comes to matching blocks. The game is unique in its own way and all the given levels have separated requirements. You need to complete the challenge per stage to mark it as completed, as well as to unlock the next one. All the boards are similar in shape, however, the number of blocks as well as the layout shall vary.

You need to collapse the most set of blocks by capturing the cluster with similar colors close by. As you click on the group, it will automatically be removed, and add some scores to your board. Pay attention to the stat on the side panel to see the remaining time, the allowed number of turns, as well as the gained scores. The fewer turns you use for one level, the higher your final bonus points will be. If possible, why don't you complete a total of 45 levels to clear out this game within a record time range?

There's no rush here because the players can feel free to hop into a level whenever they have the time. The game control is purely pointer-based and can be played on different devices, like PC and mobile or tablets. Keep trying out new tactics and strategies to collect the most blocks in one collapse and win! Do you like arcade games more or action games more? We have tons of new genres for exploration here at, with some popular gaming options such as Animals Merge or Pet Lovers Jigsaw.

Instruction to play:

Control the pointer or mouse cursor to collapse and remove the blocks.