Tricky Tiles

Tricky Tiles test your ability to think of the best move to defeat the mechanism of such a mind-wrecking game like this Gogy puzzle game online. The tasks in this game will be more physics-based and test your ability to adjust the movement in the process. Think of the way to cope with the task of flipping all the tiles in the right direction so as to complete all levels in this game without missing out on any tile.

If you have the best strategizing skills, you will find that no obstacles can hinder your way toward the best records! You will choose and decide which bricks fall first to fill in the blank space on the ground. Keep in mind that the best way to conquer this game is the path that allows all tiles to be filled and avoids overlapping. Once you start the game, you will see that all tiles are holding up.

Start adjusting the falling direction and decide for yourself which tile should be flipped over first. Arrange the order wisely so that you can fill whichever area with the given bricks! Once all the black blocks are filled, you have completed that stage! Gather your coins and move onto the next one, a harder level, to demonstrate more adaptive skills and a good way of completing all challenges neatly.

Only perform the most efficient move to make sure that your final goal of unlocking the last level in this game from can become true! Each mission requires a different technique and way of thinking to fill in the black patches, so start learning the rules and try to bring your best scores to the Leaderboard now! More games like City Truck Driver can be suitable choices for you and your friends during the boring time at home!

Instruction to play:


Drag the tiles using the left mouse button.