Purple Monster Adventure

A variety of adventure games have come to Gogy games recently. Are you happy? Each option brings you to an incredible adventure where you have to help a character in their journey, even though the gameplay of them is the same. At the moment, let’s start a new adventure with a purple monster in Purple Monster Adventure. 15 levels will increase difficulty level is waiting for you.

Let’s go deep into your mission here. All you need to do is to accompany a purple monster on a challenging but exciting adventure. To finish each level, you have to fulfill the following requirements. Firstly, reach the end. Secondly, collect at least 1 star. That’s it. It sounds simple and easy, doesn't it? But don’t forget that many obstacles are there and mushroom enemies are wandering around to stop you guys.

To deal with obstacles, you just need to jump over them. To hand enemies, you can jump on their heads or jump over them to avoid hitting them and dying. Adventure games at https://gogy.games/ can be played by anyone, even kids. Just with a little bit of attention, kids can finish the adventure without any help. Besides, this game also gives all players 3 chances at each level.

You can’t earn extra hearts during the journey but 3 hearts are more than enough for you to keep going even you crash into an obstacle or enemy by accident. You can enjoy this game on the computer or mobile. If you can’t finish all 15 levels in one play, let’s bookmark it and go back to continue playing the game next time. Have a great time and here are some suggestions for you NoNoSparks Genesis and Big Blocks Battle

Instruction to play:

Use on-screen buttons or WASD to play.