Spider Swing Manhattan

Dash through the city buildings with your childhood hero in this gogy games: Spider Swing Manhattan! It's an adventure alongside Spidey taking place inside the city. You will get to enjoy the thrilling sensation of dashing through the tallest buildings using your spider web and controlling skills. It's your power to soar through the urban landscape with the swinging skills, but pay attention to the positions of the poles and estimate the movement well to avoid losing control.

There are two scenarios in which you can fail, one of which is when you fail to grab onto the next poles, and the other is when you swing backward, which causes Spiderman to lose grab on the buildings. Your main character has a superpower of shooting a web out of his wrist, which you can hold on to swing and use the momentum to push your character forward.

Once you let go, you can enjoy the urban landscape floating through your vision. It's crucial to learn how to control the swing from one point to another. Don't forget that you need to avoid falling or colliding with dangerous obstacles at all costs. Keeping the flow of swinging in this game from https://gogy.games/ will not be an easy task.

Regardless of age and gender, kids can freely enjoy this gaming selection thanks to the simple gameplay and responsive design that are equally beautiful and intuitive for both new and advanced players! Start the mission of shooting web to conquer the city's tallest buildings within a short timeframe! As it's an endless game, you can freely explore the city for as long as you can hold. Keep practicing and diving into more games such as Giant Race for highest scores or ranking. 

Instruction to play:

Click and hold the left button to swing.