Mouse 2 Player Moto Racing

On the city race tracks, it takes more than simple skills to swirl, drift, speed up, accelerate, and stay balanced throughout such a challenging game like Mouse 2 Player Moto Racing! From the creators of Jogos 2 Jogos, this online racing game will bring a new city race track filled with probably the trickiest and wackiest tracks that have been updated.

Once participating in a new race, be prepared to start when the signal went off. Keep your hands on the driving wheel and race your rivals in a total of 10 challenging levels, each with a different styling or layout and a unique number of participants.The other racers will also try to dominate the tracks and claim the first spot to reach the finish line, which means you need your perfect maneuvering skills and adjust the movement accordingly.

Speed up and accelerate when you have the chance to bypass them and don't hit any obstacles or else your car will slow down. Utilize the given curve and corner of the track to pick the timing for using your nitrogen boost. This gives a push to your speed and makes your car dash further.

Don't forget that for each successful race, you gain a certain number of scores. Buy new bikes from the store at to upgrade and become the fastest mouse ever to join this game! By finishing first in line, you get to unlock more levels and increase your chance of gathering tons of rewards later! Feel the thrilling sensation of more online racing games such as Burnout Crazy Drift without any worries of disruption!

Instruction to play:

Drive and move the car using the key set of W, A, S, D, or arrow keys.

Use the left shift key to use the nitro boost and R to reset the car.