Day At School

Day At School is the latest game that kids of all ages can enjoy thanks to the simple gameplay, detailed instruction, and lovely designs! Meet the teachers and schoolmates in this game at Gogy land and learn more about the tasks at preschool. Only by participating and playing day at school can the toddler be able to learn the fun and joy of this preschool, so join now!

On the very first day, let's join in the activities of your choice. The game presents a big map filled with different rooms in the school. Take part in unique activities like cleaning the bus, decorating the classroom, helping out at the cafeteria, and so many more with the help of the teachers! You will find that inside each room, there are more than just a few mini-missions to fulfill.

Each task has a different theme related to the theme of the room as well, so check them out and conquer different missions! It's a combination of more than one mini-game and the best interactive gameplay for kids of all ages. Each classroom and mission teaches you a different technique and skill, whether it's to connect the lines of similar-colored tables, clean the bus, or solve the tough quizzes to unlock the locks in the room.

Learn new things daily with this game by logging in every day and tackling something new. You can freely share it with your friends as it's a fun and enjoyable game for free from the collection of games at! Improving your problem-solving and the interaction with items in this game so that you can conquer harder games like Mini Jumps or Unlocking later! 

Instruction to play:

Click and move the mouse to control the character and to interact.