Ice Queen

During this holiday season, why don't you get your hands on this winter arctic game - Ice Queen from Gogy land with the lovely icebergs, cool characters, and a lot of keys to unlock the new challenges! Not only is this game going to bring you all these amazing gameplay elements but it also comes with quite a challenge. Your job in this game will be to survive the challenge of moving from this platform to another this winter.

Instead of sliding on your belly, skating on ice, and over the slippery slopes in other games, you will carry out the task of moving to the next platform with the earning of all the keys and coins for the highest scores. You can look forward to an adventure-based game with the best side-scrolling theme which is suitable for kids of all ages. While completing levels, you will see some other characters like the old lady, the birds, and the cage.

Each of them has its unique purpose, so interacting with them will bring something useful to you. Keep in mind that a crucial task to gather the top scores in this game is to collect ice creams, and eat sweets. Are you ready to emerge yourself in the Ice Queen world and try to overcome anything that this icy place throws at you?

Don't worry if you can't get through all the challenges at the first trial. Feel free to play this free game from for as long as you like since it's a free game that will come with no additional cost. Go ahead and bring your adventure heart to the table to showcase the talent! Other equally exciting adventures like Bridal Race 3D will be good options to explore after winning all the levels in this one!

Instruction to play:

Instructions: Move using arrow keys or the mouse.