Forest Mahjong

Do you know how to win a match of Mahjong? Learn the basics of this solitaire game from Gogy land with the new game: Forest Mahjong! With the jungle being the main theme, you will have an even more enjoyable time with this puzzle game. Since it is created based on the traditional game, tons of players around the world have enjoyed it. The main rules remain unchanged.

You will have to search for mahjong with the same picture, then combine those with the same stone to remove completely from the field. However, you can only use the free stones, the ones that are not covered by the others. At least one of the sides must be opened, which are left and right.

The new features added in this game at turn it into a jungle-themed game with adorable animals on the pieces. You will find the snakes, tigers, bears, monkeys and many more! Enjoy such an adorable game with clear and bright colors for free! You can begin a match by choosing your preference for the stack. The moment that the game begins, the clock will start running to keep track of your wasted time.

Try your best to solve the chosen field within the shortest time range to break the previous record of yours! Test your intelligence with more puzzle games like Helix Knife Throw 3D and Magic Cube later! 

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to choose the mahjong pieces.