Long Night

Running games are the most versatile genres thanks to the limitless possibilities of adding themes, storylines, and more features to make it better. Long Night from Gogy land is one of the games with such interesting gameplay. This game still has the classic gameplay of a running game, but with more interesting features of the dark theme. The main character went for a walk at night, which coincidently is the moment when the forces of evil were unleashed.

For fresh air, he suddenly became the targets of a couple of strange creatures and evil ghosts. Your job in this game is to help the boy to outrun and find the way to escape from the ghosts on this straight road and end the nigh walk as fast as possible. More types of obstacles besides the evil creatures will show up along the way to make it much harder to win the game.

Be brave to search for a safe path and find the best way out. He can run straight ahead constantly, so your job is simply to help him jump up and bow down at the right timing to avoid crashing into the evil creatures or any obstacle. The players who can manage to reach the furthest checkpoint and avoid the scattered obstacles shall be the one with the most scores and top the chart here at http://gogy.games/. Since it's a running game, an endless platform might not be strange to our players.

Just hop on it and start the journey to escape the monsters like no other and enjoy the adrenaline rush! Dash through another cool platform with games like Elated Snail Escape and Vegetables Match 3 Deluxe later! 

Instruction to play:

Click or tap on the screen to make the character jump.