Et Game

Et Game from Gogy free games is the latest platform game where you can join the quest to explore the ET world with this green character. With a very cool platform embedded inside, the game is made based on the inspiration from Super Mario. The players can look forward to the side-scrolling screen and enemies which show up along the way. The goal is to successfully pass 10 different levels.

Each of them comes with its own layout and different kinds of obstacles such as holes, boxes, aliens and many more at Can you see the blue floating stars? Another task of yours is to collect these stars and diamonds plus avoiding the monsters. The main character is equipped with his own gun that can shoot to a certain extent.

You need to calculate the distance from the main character to the approaching enemies to make sure that the bullets can reach them. Shoot multiple times until they disappear! This game is fun to play and bring enjoyable moments thanks to the simple yet exciting rules. Don't miss out on the scattered boxes since they might contain something useful.

Along the way, you might need to utilize the gun to open up the path as well. Which monster will you face next? Come to explore freely on this quirky adventure now! Tons of other cool games like Robot Hero City Simulator 3d and Shopping Cart Hero are also updated daily.

Instruction to play:

Move and jump with arrow keys, shoot with X key.