Greedy Cats Jumper

Another good gaming option from Gogy 2021 free games that most kids of all ages can freely enjoy will be the lovely Greedy Cats Jumper! You will find this jumping and interacting game fun and thrilling game with jumping movement. The best in this game is the fun gameplay as you need to control the cat and help it move from one platform to another.

The blocks are stacked up to create different layers of the platform, therefore, you need to make sure that your cat steers clear of any dangers and obstacles. Some wild animals such as the crabs, the flying birds, or some stones will pop up on your next blocks to make the challenge a bit harder. Despite all the dangers, this fun adventure will definitely satisfy the gaming spirit for all kids of all ages thanks to the simple yet cute graphics.

Don't forget that this one is among the most popular and addictive games from our site, besides some options like Clown Jigsaw or Cookie Crush 3. You can select from two cats available, the black and white characters. There will be a tons of power-ups for your usage with enough coins, like the jetpacks, magnets to suck the food, the shield to protect the cat from the dangers. A lot of players have scored high and written their names on the Leaderboard, what about you?

A lot of different themes will slowly be unlocked when you manage to climb higher and higher in this endless platform! We recommend you to use the navigation skills to choose the direction to move toward when hopping on the new block. Choosing to jump from the left and right will be crucial to your success in this game from! Come and discover a new world up there with this adorable cat!

Instruction to play:

Instructions: Click or tap to jump.