Getting Over It

To conquer all the highest mountain tops in Getting Over It, a free relaxing game from Gogy kid games 2020, you will need the most steady hand movements and the best reflexes. The main character is an old man with the dream of getting to the mountain. However, since this mountain is no longer too high, the mission becomes possible, but we need your help to choose the right cliffs to catch on. There will be cliffs showing up on two sides, the left and the right. The man, however, with his one hand on the cliff, needs your guide to choosing the right steps to take.

Look at the upcoming cliffs and decide whether he should take on the right or the left side, then click to grab on it at the right timing. Don't consider it for too long since the man will get tired and drop to the ground! While climbing upward, keep in mind to hold the button instead of just clicking it. This will reduce the risk of falling or slipping, which will be a waste of energy and time.

Let's find out the ultimate height that you can climb without a break in this game from! Prove to the world that even an old man can achieve new goals in life, as well as exploring more worlds and challenging journeys like Mini Ninja and Candy Monster Kid

Instruction to play:

Use A key to grab on the left-sided cliff and the D key to grab on the right-sided ones.