Pet Connect

Connecting games like Pet Connect will bring a simpler set of gameplay with the requirement of matching 2 tiles for a pair only! Like the name of the game, the players will be joining to search for two similar-themed tiles which could be matched. If you are interested in the format of simple yet addictive puzzle games from Gogy puzzle land, this game will be a good option! The way to win this game will be by clearing out the board from the given tiles. You can match them in pairs of similar prints and remove such pairs of identical tiles as placed on the board.

More and more tiles will be added later when the game progresses. The game comes with a time limit for each board, which means that you need to clear out the whole board before the game is over. Let yourself emerge in the world of puzzle gameplay and find the fastest route to match all the given pairs. Could you deal with the tiles that are randomly placed and scrambled on the board? In this fun game, feel free to use the given hints and boosters to make the matching easier.

More and more high-quality levels with increasing difficulty levels will soon be added to this game's unlocked list so that you can enjoy it for a long time! Pay attention to the obvious pairs and remove them first, before working on the hidden pair of tiles. Have fun with adorable images of pets imprinted on the tiles and cute background music as well as lovely graphics and color in this game at Waste away the boring time with other frequently played games of popular sections like Animals Merge or Zero Numbers!

Instruction to play:

Use the touchpad or mouse cursor to choose the two tiles that you want to match.