Smash All These F Animals

Smash All These F Animals is an arcade game in which a flow of forest animals will go through the top of your screen to the bottom. You only have three health points and each animal that reaches the bottom of the screen will make you lose one If you want to get rid of these you only have to tap on them You can also use terrible spells to exterminate multiple enemies in one hit.

Today we want to present you a new exciting game Smash all these F ... animals. In it we will find ourselves with you in a fairy forest, where various magical creatures live. Good and sweet creatures live in one part of the forest, and damned and evil ones in the other. Somehow the ruler of the dark side decided to capture a part of the forest where good rules. To this end, having enchanted animals and various monsters, he sent them to capture.

You will have to defend a good part of the forest. In front of you on the screen there will be a path along which creatures run at you. You need to destroy them all. This is done quite simply. Just click on them with the mouse, and they will tear them to pieces. You can access this game from various types of gadgets and devices. Enjoy your time and have fun!

Invite your friends to start challenging yourself right now into the game to be able to relieve the stress along with the blocks. Do not hesitate, let yourself challenge yourself in some other interesting game genres like Stickmen Crowd Fight at Gogy shooting games.


Instruction to play:

Use the mouse or touch to play.