Num Bubbles Merging

The art of merging numbers to form a targeted count is the core gameplay of this Gogy puzzle online game: Num Bubbles Merging. Keep your focus and don't leave out any possible numbered bubbles to get your goal quickly. The rule is quite simple, however, mastering it and clearing the stages within a short time frame is no easy feat. All the players have to do is observe, pick the suitable set of bubbles, and connect them as they deem correct.

Once a bubble is merged into another, the pair will combine and create a new number. Pay attention to the arrows marked on the bubbles to find out which direction you are merging. The number of bubbles that are necessary to overcome each stage shall vary, however, a goal of 10 targeted bubbles is usually frequent. Move your touchpoint or slide the mouse on the screen to move and navigate these bubbles with finesse. Don't forget that you can utilize the hints, boosters, and bonuses to gather more bubbles at the same time. \

The time as shown on the side clock will be counting down and it's game over once the time runs out. Keep advancing with other equally cool games of to not only upgrade your gaming techniques but also to put the scores up on another Leaderboard! We invite all players, regardless of their skill level, from newbies to advanced players to freely enjoy this game as it's a good choice for all. Conquer the most levels with your sharp observation and fast eye-hand coordination right now! Feel free to explore some other games from a larger collection with diverse genres such as Mad Kitten or Tornado Giant Rush, all of which are updated on a daily basis with great twists and

Instruction to play: