Adam and Eve Crossy River

Adam and Eve are back but not in a point-and-click puzzle game that you have played at Gogy 2020 as usual. This new installment in the famous Adam and Eve series brings you to a new adventure with these well-known characters. They want to cross the river and it seems that this river is insanely large and messy. They find it extremely to cross over it. Your ultimate objective here is to guide them step by step to cross the river safely and make sure they go as far as they can.

Each time you play, you will lead Adam or Eve randomly and the river and obstacles will be different. This makes your gaming experience always fresh and enjoyable because you may fail several times and have to return to the starting point to start once again. You may feel bored if you meet the same things too often. Timing is everything in this game. You have to take action at the right moment to keep Adam and Eve’s life safe.

On, you will jump on platforms such as turtles, woods, and so on to cross the river. However, some of them are not firm. For example, the woods will float away or the turtles will dive. If you take action at that moment, Adam and Eve will be shrunk, and you don’t want it to happen. Then, master the time and move when the right moment comes.

Adam and Eve series never let you down and this time is no exception. You will love it and this game suits all ages, even kids can play. You can play other games for free such as Adam and Eve Go Xmas 

Instruction to play:

Use arrow keys to cross the river.