Snake Balls Block Breaker

Snake games have always been an exciting and familiar choice for kids who love a little adrenaline rush while controlling a virtual snake. This time with Snake Balls Block Breaker at Gogy games for kids, you will need more than just reflex to be the player to last the longest. This game is all about maintaining the length of the snake so that it has more and more blocks.

There are three game modes with different features, but the same controls for players are to move from the left to the right to capture the balls with numbers on them. However, keep in mind that when you dash from one side to another, you have to break the wall made of numbers as well. Choose the right timing and break through the pieces with the lower number to lose fewer pieces on your snake. Three modes are available in this Gogy game for you to explore, whether it's the Easy mode, Die mode, or Severe Attrition.

For Severe Attrition, the one with the strangest name, you will not control the path but control the direction instead. Once the red line shows up, any piece behind it will die. One crucial mission is to keep lengthen the snake no matter what situation you are in. Once the snake is cut, the game is over. Don't stay on one side since the snake gets eaten if you stay like that for a very long time as well. Calculate the move wisely and timely to avoid crashing into the bad blocks.

Show the world your adroitness to avoid obstacles and dominate the grid with just one snake! Have a fabulous time with more snake games or arcade games such as Circlix: Physics Puzzle from the list at

Instruction to play:

Click on the left or the right or tap on the screen at the right timing to move.