Super Noob Captured Miner

Super Noob Captured Miner from Gogy land is all about digging deeper and exploring this mine filled with gold hidden here and there! Let's see if you will be able to explore the hidden secrets while participating in the journey to find the way to escape. The main character - the noob in this game needs your help to escape the prison by digging into the ground.

By doing this, you can both locate the way out and get a chance of gathering tons of gold when you are digging. The key point of this Gogy game is not to get discovered or else the game will be over. While searching for the golden coins that can increase your scores significantly, you should also beware of dangerous lands or objects that pop up randomly.

Unexpected obstacles can hinder your progress, therefore, keep your focus and don't leave the ground until you reach the exit door. The highlight of this game is the coordination between different players. If you find the others who got stuck while trying to escape the mine, do your best to help them and you can get more rewards! A bunch of new requests and locked missions are waiting for the top players who can conquer them all in one go!

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Instruction to play:

Click the mouse to dig and drag the mouse cursor to change the direction.