Eliza Winter Coronation

Princess Eliza is going to have the biggest event of her life taking place soon. She's going to take over the throne of the ice kingdom to become the new queen in Eliza Winter Coronation - the Gogy new game for girls. Prepare the lady for this significant event using your skills, techniques when it comes to dressing up and make-up! A princess' coronation must be one of the most important events of her time, so do your best to set the winter outfit as dashing as she deserves.

The holiday and main event take place with the onset of the cold weather, therefore, the main theme for your design of outfits will be winter items. Take a look at the list of six main tasks that you will conquer in this game before starting to clear them off one by one. First, take care of the skin by clearing up the acne, tidying the skin, giving the base protection cosmetics to get rid of the small imperfections. Once you have achieved a smooth and shiny base, it's time to put on some makeup.

Get the trends incardinated into the color palette by using the most trendy colors, such as the shades of blue, white, gold, and sparkling. The next important task will be to take care of the hairstyle using the classic hairstyle updo and matching diamond jewelry as accessories. Don't forget about the main attraction of the night - her outfit. Choose the most glamorous and luxurious gown for the ball and the prettiest shoes.

The magical accessories might give the overall look a new feeling, so use the capes and wings wisely. Will you be able to turn this event into a truly unique and magical experience for the princess? Check out the other equally lovely choices of Your Favorite Royal Couple, all from the list of games at https://gogy.games/ for you! 

Instruction to play:

Click on the items to choose.