Brainy Cars

In Brainy Cars, the most important thing is how you handle a tough track with a special car. The way to win this game is to show off your speed and maneuver skills by guiding the cars through a series of bumpy roads and deep hills. The strategic skills will help you overcome the traps, holes, dead-ends, and abyss. As the main driver, your job is to draw the lines in order to reach the required destination on the journey of the car.

Time is of the essence in this game, so the players need to draw as fast as possible. The shape and length of the line are determined by you only, so think of the obstacles above and choose either a straight line or curve line. Pick the right shape of lines and connect from one end to another to help the car. It will become the path of the car, therefore, don't make any mistake. One missing piece or draw on the wrong platform will result in your car heading down the abyss or get crashed into the obstacles.

There are a total of 17 different designs for your choice. Car models and specifications will attract the fans of cars in this game as well. Do you know that different selection of colors for each car is possible? It's best if you can share the 4 unique maps with your friends in your free time.

It's an excellent game for competing with some good friends while enjoying a 2D cartoony graphic design theme. There is a variety of unexpected challenges awaiting you in this Gogy car game! Don't miss out on the page of other interactive games like Real MTB Downhill 3D or Bus Parking 3D from our list at

Instruction to play:

Click and hold the left mouse to draw the lines.