Stone Smacker

A top-down game like Stone Smacker will easily capture your attention and interest if you are a fan of simple Mario-similar games with pixelated graphics. Let's join the adventure with this redhead to go roam the place for the most coins, stones to fit into the holes, and the most items possible!

As it's simple gameplay, there will be instruction boards that are scattered everywhere to help you out. Just follow the instructions as you move along the path and you will know what to look for. What you will do in this game is to find the path around the maze that is filled with tree bushes, huge blocks, as well as holes.

Once you do, clear up the path by chopping them off. There will be stones popping up here and there, so move those to push them into the holes. Not only will you need to locate the stones for filling into the holes but it's also crucial to locate all the treasure chests.

These chests will be the things that help add to your final results and records, so make sure to solve all the puzzles that lead to the treasure. The main character is equipped with a sword for slicing, chopping, cutting to open up new paths and chances to discover other hidden figures of this game from Gogy games!

Tons of kids from all ages have tried and fallen in love with this game, so go ahead and take your chance with it as well! Are you ready to be the best at conquering new lands and don't forget to enhance the skills of yours with some more gaming options such as Barbarian Vs Mummy Game or Hello Kitty Pinball?

Instruction to play:

How to play: You can either move using WASD keys, attack using the spacebar or play using the mouse cursor.