Fish And Trip Online

Fish & Trip Online is the basic io game from Gogy online game where you will be exploring the underwater world alongside this little heroic fish! There is plenty of fish in the sea, but will you be able to find your species and add more fish to the school? This brave fish decided to explore the deepest part of the sea with the purpose of growing his school of fishes with similar patterns and sizes.

Your task is to maneuver the movement of the main fish once he hits the water. Move along with the current and find new friends of the same species to increase your team number! Make sure that you try to gather the most seedlings scattered in the water that you can. Direct the gained fish through the ocean and steer clear of huge fishes or bigger predators to stay safe. Plenty of dangerous objects will also be the source of threats to your fish.

However, good practice and flexible movement will keep you safe. With each winning stage, you can unlock more skin themes and use the gathered coins to purchase various upgrades for your character. Such a multi-level casual game will be a good option for kids of all ages to explore and learn the art of surviving in the wilderness. Share the fun-themed game with your friends to compete for the highest results possible!

With a reasonable replay number of times, you will be able to ace the basic skills required for acing this game. Don't forget that our gaming world is filled with these amazing games which are updated daily, such as Bridge Build Puzzle or Cute Animal Cards, all for free within the tips of your fingers here at

Instruction to play:

Hold and drag the left mouse button or the touchpad on tablets and mobiles to control the fish's movement.