Puzzle Blocks Ancient

The quest to unlock the tomb in Puzzle Blocks Ancient will be the challenge that only the best puzzle solvers can crack. Your main mission in this game from https://gogy.games/ will be to move the blocks and rearrange their positions accordingly to achieve a full-filled board. If there is any blank space left behind, the level will not be confirmed as cleared. First, learn how to understand the block's layout as well as the requirement of the game.

You need to put the scattered blocks into the blank board following the blurred lines so as to fill up all the space. Feel free to rotate, turn, and move the blocks to the placement that you think is suitable before placing them correctly on the board. How would you place when the blocks' shapes are entirely different from each other?

There are two motions that can be done to the blocks. You can choose to rotate them or reverse the action that has been done. Among the list of different packs, start with Egypt as this is the easiest one. Once you have conquered all 60 different levels with great patience from this first pack, you will be able to unlock and move forward to the next location.

ome hints and booster items can be given to you should you be able to solve a complete puzzle within the shortest time, however, these will be rare due to their unique requirements. You should take advantage of them when you get stuck only. Think carefully before making any placement. Feel free to advance to some harder jigsaw games like Harvest Cut Master here at Gogy games ! 

Instruction to play:

Move the blocks by dragging and holding the left button, and rotate them using the right button.

Play on mobiles and tablets using the touchpad.