Anna Arm Fracture Accident

Unfortunately, during the skiing trip, Anna broke her arm during the movement. This is where you come to the rescue and help with the surgery in Anna Arm Fracture Accident new game to fix her arm. Since Kristoff has just sent Anna to the emergency room, you will assist the doctor to take care of things from here. In this Gogy girl game, your goal is to carry out all the necessary steps as shown in the tutorials in order to fix the fracture in her bone.

The game comes with a handy step-by-step tutorial to make sure that even the beginners can enjoy the game with the smoothest flow. Just simply do the tasks as shown on the game screen. The first thing that needs to be done is to treat her trauma and dress the wound.

Since our poor girl is still in shock, it's crucial that you calm her down. After this, carry out the X-ray diagnosis to see which part has been broken. When you successfully locate the problem with Anna's arm, start the surgery immediately! With all the equipment and surgery tools at, carry out each step carefully. Now that the surgery is completed, you just need to let Anna recover on her own completely after being treated by a doctor!

It's one of the popular sub-genres of girl games with good gameplay and pretty graphics, therefore, the game has attracted many players. Give this game a try and you might even enjoy more games like Anna Tiramisu Cooking and Princesses Summer Hawaii Fashion as well! 

Instruction to play:

Interact and play using the mouse cursor.