Odd Elimination

Find out the sole different image among the bunch on all levels of this Gogy 2022 game: Odd Elimination! In order to eliminate the odd pic from the group, you need to find out the main theme as well as the category that the group is showing. By doing so, you will easily distinguish the separated pic from the other five pics available. There is only one chance to pick the right pic.

If you select the wrong one or get mistaken too many times, your scores will be deducted significantly. Can you conquer all levels on the list while trying to gain the top scores possible? Time is one element that the players need to keep an eye on as well. There will be a clock counting your used time per level. In case you are stuck with a puzzle and can't think of any way to solve it, feel free to use the hints or watch the reward ad to reveal the right pic.

The list filled with 60 levels, each with its unique category, will be available for you to explore! Such a new puzzle game brings an exhilarating experience to you and your friends, along with a bunch of inquiring puzzles to solve. Keep the mind clear to figure out the main theme of the group quickly.

The few first stages will be easy with the category of humans, family, animals, and such. It gets harder once you progress to the further checkpoints of the game. Clear it out with record time and don't forget to check out other similar-themed games such as Master of Donuts or Sudoku Master, all with excellent gameplay and graphic design from https://gogy.games/! Emerge in this animated world and let's see how fast you can clear out the pics! 

Instruction to play:

Click the left mouse to choose the items.