The Builder Halloween Castle

The Builder Halloween Castle will be the perfect addition to your Halloween experience as all the witches are asking for your help! It's the chance for you to discover the ultimate tower of all ghosts and monsters where the best Halloween adventure starts. On this special occasion, the witches wanna throw a party with lots of guests varied in genre. You will find scary monsters, wicked witches, spooky ghosts, and many other werewolves as you build up this tower.

To make sure that the party takes place accordingly, you will do the task of letting the witches know the timing to drop the floor. Stack them up one by one perfectly to create a right-angled pillar that can become the world's tallest castle. This castle of yours will be filled with horror on this one special night at Keep in mind that there are only three chances to drop the tower.

If you fail more than 3 times, the game will be over. You can keep check of the time and the remaining towers for you using the statistics on the top of the screen. Don't forget that you can also use the tutorial option at the beginning of the game if you still haven't grasped the rules and the basic movement. It's such a simple but so addictive game with cartoony-styled graphics and a vibrant color palette.

It's a free gaming world at Gogy 2020 where kids can find different games with fascinating and unique themes, ranging from girl games, kid games, sports games to arcade ones such as Grenade Toss. Keep on playing and let's see if you can get some candies from the witches for your hard work! 

Instruction to play:

Tap or click on the screen using your mouse to drop the building blocks.