Planetz Bubble Shooter

Are you ready to participate in the new ball-popping game which takes place in space with the most colorful bubbles in Planetz Bubble Shooter? Transform into the space hero whose task is to clear out the cluster of 3 or more bubbles with similar colors. The game has an endless game mode to allow the players to freely demonstrate their skills when it comes to popping balls or bubbles.

As there is no limitation on this game's timeframe, the given time for each player will be decided base on the height of the ball stack. Under no circumstances should your bubbles bar reach the top-line or the upper edge of the board. In such a case, the balls can't be released continuously and will get stuck, which results in game-over.

To become the top players on the Leaderboard of this Gogy free game, you can try to collect the most groups and create the most combos for a new high record! The placement of the new bubbles will play a crucial role in deciding how many balls you can clear out during the fieldwork. Feel free to use the boosters or the power-ups to get out of dead-ends or to clear out a big chunk filled with bubbles!

Keep showing your creative links and connection to gather the biggest chunks of bubbles and gain the highest rewards! If you are looking for more games to destress and enjoy the satisfaction of clearing out the pieces, check out the list of games like Pokey Balls or Number Maze during your playtime. Most of the games at are designed to play on both CPU and tablet devices, so feel free to gather some friends and have fun anywhere! 

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse to choose and pop the selected bubbles.