Samurai Rampage

It's time to slash the demons before they get to you in this game of Samurai Rampage from our daily gaming list of Gogy action games! The movement of slicing the demons is very satisfying and easy to manage, but you will need some strategy to remove them from the board. When there are too many different monsters, which one should you eliminate first?

The best samurais will get even score combos by executing many cool attacks on the trips to fight the most challenging bosses. This game will be one of the most non-conventional samurai underworld-themed games as you get to tap on it! Besides the skills and the fabulous movement, collecting the power-ups like the shields, rage attacks, powerful hits, and health boost will be crucial for your winning chances. Defeat the demons with no mercy is the key point of this fighting game as you will dive through a side-scrolling platform game.

Depending on the monster types, you need a good eye to observe and find their weak spots. For example, some monsters have a lower energy level, this allows you to chop them off with one slice. For tougher ones, slice many times to kick them off the board. Some monsters will be harder to crack as you need to know which spot to hit to crack their shields open before hitting the body.

A level goal is to defeat certain enemies as assigned so that you can gather more valuable items. Use the gained items to your advantage when you proceed to exclusive levels. Get your hands on the healing potion that can get you another life, or the spike that deflects an enemy's hit, or the shield to keep your samurai safe from the attacks. Enjoy the joy of other similar games like Ball Collector on!

Instruction to play:

Controls: Click or tap to slice the monsters.