Ice Jump

Little Ice Cube starts its new adventure to bypass all the cup. Help it jump up and down in this fun arcade game from Gogy land, the best place with latest games that kids love! The players' goal is to control an ice cube's movement and make sure that it jumps from one glass to another glass. Don't fall out of the glass because the ice cube will melt under the heat!


Aim and choose the most precise timing to hit the table and the ice will pop up. Also, this game at has two modes: Endless Mode and Level Mode. In the Endless Mode, the cup will line up endlessly and you can keep jumping until you get bored! The goal here is to break the previous record of yourself and the others'. Yet, in Level Mode, you will explore so many levels, each with its own features and challenges. Can you make it through all 100 levels in the game?


The cups are filled with water and the rim of the cups are large enough for you to aim. Yet, as two cups line up perfectly, it's the best time to jump up and reach higher! The gameplay is incredibly fun with such a simple mechanism and easy rules. We guarantee that you can enjoy memorable moments with such a simple mechanism and easy rules. Would you like to play more with some cool arcade games like Flappy Cat and Cannon Hero?

Instruction to play:

Click or tap on the screen to make the ice cube jump up.