Super Friday Night Funki

Super Friday Night Funkin ' will bring about the new gameplay for kids who love to dance along to the songs of Gogy free games online! From pop songs of the 10s to the old funky songs, the players will get to play them all! You will get to hop through tons of new and classic songs while learning how to beat the top scores in such as fabulous saga! The rules are that the players will start each song, hit the notes by controlling the beat and the rhythm.

If you can go along with the ritual of each song, you will become the best at hitting the notes at the perfect timing. For newbies who can only slightly hit the notes, you will get fewer scores than those who can hit the center of it at the special time.

Don't stop and keep pressing the game buttons while wiggling to the soft and tender music or upbeat songs in the background. Let's showcase your talent with the ability to quickly accumulate the points from the first note to the last beat of the song. Will you be able to avoid missing out on too many notes and conquer the hardest and fastest songs?

Here at Gogy land, we encourage you to explore the new and creative ways to win the game without losing any valuable scores. Go ahead and hit the rhythm with more games of similar themes such as Pirate Defense, but with some unexpected twists and new characters! For this game, if you can hit more than 4 or 5 notes continuously, you will be able to gather some combos that are very efficient in increasing your scores. Are you ready for this summer musical-themed game online?

Instruction to play:

How to play: 

Click or tap on the screen at the right timing to hit the notes.