Go Go Panda

If you are good at running and dodging multiple items as well as obstacles at the same time, this game Go Go Panda from Gogy games will be a great selection for you. Let's start the quest of gathering coins and overcoming the mountainous troubles in Gogy land! This main character - the panda - is trying to run through the long path through the mountain to gather coins and reach the furthest checkpoint if possible!

You will be helping him in this mysterious and dangerous journey. To survive, do your best to hop on at the right timing to avoid arrows, roll over the hills and through caves. Besides the natural obstacles, there will be some surprises showing up when you reach the higher levels. There are many high scores set by the previous runner, but will you be the best on the chart?

It's the competition between the best panda runners who have the enthusiasm for winning the final title! It will be quite a challenge for newbies to collect the coins while dodging the attack of arrows and mountains to keep their character safe. Learn how to utilize your arcade gaming skills with other good options such as Candy Maker Factory from our free list at https://gogy.games/  when you have the free time!

Keep in mind that only by steering clear of all obstacles will you be able to keep your panda on track. A slight touch might even stop the progress midway! Moreover, two types of controlling key sets will make it easier for both players who prefer the keyboard and the ones preferring the mouse cursor.

Instruction to play:

Controlling keys: Use the up arrow or click on the left side of the screen to jump. Use the down arrow or click on the right side to do a rolling.