Abondoned Castle Escape

You love the game decipher the symbols and you will not be missed Abondoned Castle Escape game at gogy online games. In this special game, you will have the picture with the various things appearing and the task of the player is to find all the balls and items needed to escape the forest.


Each picture will contain certain objects. You have the opportunity to collect all objects with your ability to observe. At the same time, the characters and signs that appear in the game also help you to decipher the hidden objects contained in each picture. This is especially true when you become a detective and are lost in the forest. Look at all the things that can help you decode and exit this game at gogy kids Games


This is one of the games for your favorite players to discover in their spare time. You cannot miss your chance to complete with the highest score in each level. Different stories are hidden in each part of the picture. Share with your friends if you cannot solve your game. You will need help.


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Instruction to play:


Use the left mouse button to move and collect objects hidden behind each picture