Disney Princesses Pool Party Clean

It's a sunny day and Ariel wants to hold a pool party, however, the swimming pool has not been used for a long time so it's very dirty. In order to prepare for the setting, can you help her clean the pool? That's only one of the tasks. After finishing with the cleaning process, it's time for you to invite her best friends Elsa and Rapunzel to attend this pool party? Let's get into the first task right away!


Here in Gogy land, because the pool is covered with trash, you need to start using the thongs to move each and every piece by the sides of the pool and under the water as well. The players need to be careful so as to not drop anything. Your job is to move the trash slowly from its position to the trashcan. As there is so many trash, it might take a while to complete collecting all of them. Then, cleaning the black spots and dirty spots on the walls and rearrange the flower pots to make the pool look more beautiful.


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Instruction to play:

Clean the pool and choose the outfits using your left mouse.