World's Hardest Challenge Fill Fridge

Placing all the items available in the latest Gogy online game: World's Hardest Challenge: Fill Fridge will not be an easy feat as it includes the toughest food placement to challenge your organizing skills. When it comes to rearranging a messy refrigerator with tons of items, fruits, and food, will you be able to complete the task within the shortest time frame?

Keep your eye on the fridge's layout to understand your available space and the amount of space that you can utilize to input the objects. The final goal is to keep track of the placement of the food and place a variety of food in the correct place. Don't forget that a level is marked completed only when you finish putting all of them into the refrigerator as soon as possible.

The time limit shall be the key element for the players to get a grip on their personal progress throughout the game. It's a relaxing game in which not only can you demonstrate your amazing organizing technique but you can also enjoy the satisfaction of placing the disorganized foods. Put them in the right place before closing the fridge's door. How long will it take you to manage the neat fridge and keep things neatly inside?

As the control keys are easy to understand and memorize, kids of all ages can freely tackle the gaming selection within their free time and continue to work on the more adorable puzzle and interactive games such as One Line Draw or Jewelry Mosaic, all available from the list of the game at! Showcase your ability to deal with a wide range of arcade games, varying in themes, sub-genres, and mini-quests while having fun exploring the vast game series online! 

Instruction to play:

Click the mouse and drag it to move the items inside the fridge.