Escape Out

Escaping might sound scary and tough, however, with Escape Out in the list of Gogy games for kids, you will have endless fun while looking out for your teammates! As you and your team are being locked up in cells, the only thing that you can do right now is to dig your way out of it. It will be one grande journey while trying to avoid cops, guards, explosives, traps, and even tricky obstacles. These obstacles will show up while you are on your way to the exit door.

The more you manage to overcome, the better your skill will be. A good sense of danger and quick reflex while being under pressure will help you make it through this type of game. It is a combination of both thrilling gaming features and enjoyable gameplay. You will draw the line on the gaming screen to make the escape route for your team. The line that you pick will lead you to other chambers, to the cells or the ground of freedom, therefore, make your pick wisely. Pay attention to the direction that you are heading and save yourself and your mates from unexpected twists.

Once you manage to dodge one obstacle, the next might show up randomly immediately, so stay focus to endure the tough challenges of this game from There will be tons of gifts and bonuses that are helpful as well, besides the deadly traps. The movement of your characters and the way of drawing lines might resemble some of the same games in this genre so that you can get the hang of it faster.

Purchase more skins, clothes, and equipment from the store after one successful escape so that your team can easily slip off the guards next time. Don't forget about our newly added games such as Neighbor Alien

Instruction to play:

Click and move the mouse or tap to draw the escape route.