2 Player Dark Racing

Fasten the seatbelt and prepare to experience the fastest race of your gaming journey with this new Gogy racing game: 2 Player Dark Racing! The main theme of it remains similar to other car racing games, which is to reach the finish line in the first place. Overcoming other players is not an easy feat as it's a challenge due to their competitiveness, but there's nothing a good practice and best skill sets can't do.

You can start the game and tackle the challenging race against your rivals in a total of 8 levels. Each brings a new layout or map set, as well as a unique difficulty level to spice up your racing experience. Win as many as you can and you will gather coins. After conquering the race sets, purchase more upgrades to keep your vehicles brand new and expand the capacity on the race track.

If you manage to finish first, more levels will be automatically unlocked to keep your journey going. The map list will be updated regularly with plenty of new traps and more opponents sharing the same tracks, which means that the player's adaptability is important to get by. First, pick your vehicle using the gained coin and bring it on the tracks against another driver.

There will be two drivers joining one match, so you can get a friend and share the gameplay at the same time on this server. Choose the single-player or 2-player mode, which will be in the split screen mode. Keep in mind that before hitting any track, you have to master the control key set for your car first. Feel free to dive into more games like Spy Car with entirely different genres like girl games, cooking, arcade, and action from https://gogy.games/.

Instruction to play:

Player 1 uses WASD keys to drive and Space for boost.

Player 2 uses arrow keys and L shift for those functions respectively.