Way Down

Way Down is all about getting your main ball through all these scattered levels and making sure that it can fit into the basket smoothly! This new game from Gogy 4 kid collection is all about getting through tons of obstacles with different hindrances from one point to another. In order to pass these challenging quests, you need to understand the basics and setting of the game as well as the method to overcome them.

First, each player gets one ball per stage. The ball shall be kept safe on the balloon before the game starts. You can manipulate the movement of the ball by clicking or holding it, as well as changing the positions and the movements of other objects on the screen. Take advantage of any item that you need to get the ball down to the basket and make sure that the way down is clear. Will you be able to quickly get ready to pass all these colorful challenges?

Your skills with maneuvering the balls, and capturing and estimating the movement will get a chance to shine brightly in this game for free... Once you let the ball slip down the edge, the game will be over. The higher your stage is, the more obstacles and challenges there will be. Conquer each level with a total of three stars to keep your ranking at the top of the Leaderboard!

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Instruction to play:

Click and use the mouse to interact with the items.