Princess Adidas Style

Two girls need your help in Princess Adidas Style - a new choice for the fashionable girl at Gogy land! If you have been familiar with the Frozen princesses, you will know that both Elsa and Rapunzel love sports. It's one of the best fashion themes to dress up. Therefore, as a plan, today they will go to Adidas' flagship store to buy sportswear for their own workouts.


However, since the brand has three sub-brands which have so many models and new trends, they have no idea which to choose. Can you take the role of their stylist? This will provide a chance for you to improve your styling skills and have fun with the princesses as well. Moreover, don't miss out on the chance to enjoy and explore the huge collection of clothes at for free! Take the time and finish both of the tasks from Dress-up scene and Photo scene. Each has its own characteristics so you need to work carefully.


Three most famous sub-brands of Adidas that you will play within this game are Adidas Athletics, Adidas Neo, and Adidas Original. First, choose your desired brand and then start styling! Like any other styling games, you will have to go through the process of choosing tops, bottoms, dresses, and shoes one by one. After that, pick out the hairstyles and the accessories to emphasize the overall theme of the outfits. Come and play more with Stella Dress Up Fashion Shoot and 3 Trends For Autumn 2018.

Instruction to play:

Choose the outfits and interact with the princesses using the left mouse.