Mathpup Truck Counting

Who would enjoy a simple game of car driving and math calculating, all combined in this new gameplay of Mathpup Truck Counting from Gogy kid game online? The goal is to master the art of multitasking and switching between the tasks of driving and the tasks of adding numbers. As the main driver of the truck, it's your job to launch this truck forward and backward so that it lands right below the positions of the floating apples or bones of your choosing. Once it's at the right spot, click on the bones or apples to drop them to the truck and gather as many as possible.

There a number as shown on the top of the screen, which indicated the required number to pass that level. In this simple driving math game, kids will have fun adding the number and top up the target number of apples or bones on the truck tank. Not only will this be a fun way to practice your counting skills but it's also an enjoyable option from the website of as there's no limitation on time.

Feel free to add them up and deliver once the number is perfect. Untimed as this game is, go fast to climb the hills and keep your items safely on the truck tank. The truck can only go forward and reverse, with the control of gas and brake for you to freely drive it as you wish. Don't forget to take advantage of the forward and backward tilt to keep the truck balanced and refrain from losing stability while going over bumps.

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Instruction to play:

Control by touching on the screen or by using arrow keys and WASD keys.