Catrobot Idle Td Battle Cat

Catrobot Idle Td Battle Cat is the adventure of the warrior cat on the path to search for the way to save his kingdom! When the kingdom starts getting invasion waves from the large herds of monsters, we need the cats to form a strong alliance and save the place! It's a hilarious new game from Gogy 2022 with the coolest gameplay for a change. You will be in charge of making your warrior cats as strong as possible and dodging the attacks from enemies.

Defensive lines are important in this game as well because your robot needs to be one of the biggest in order to stay intact among the frontier enemies. Prepare the tower filled with car soldiers in this tower defense game and make sure that you can be well prepared for those epic battles. Not only is it an easy-to-play game but you can also improve the fighting techniques to eliminate the large number of enemies approaching.

Different types of villains and bosses will show up from time to time to create attack waves, which might be causing big damage to your kingdom if your defense line is not strong enough. Arriving on each level, you will find plenty of chances to shoot at the other enemies using the guards from your towers.

In this defense game, let's upgrade your army after each victory to guarantee a better and faster performance later. The best players will be able to improve your final scores and unlock all the skins, upgrades, and hidden items scattered along your fight. Aim properly and take advantage of your shooting skills to make the most out of your army in more games such as Mall Service from!

Instruction to play:

Use the left button or touchpad to shoot.