Unicorn Chef Design Cake

Unicorn Chef Design Cake will be quite a challenge for the talented bakers in Gogy 2021 free game as you will get the chance to freely explore your imagination and decorate the prettiest cake ever. Not only will this game emphasize the baking technique but it also teaches you the step-by-step guides to using given materials for the best decoration. The main theme and main characters for baking in this game shall be the lovely mermaids and the little unicorns. These magical creatures will be perfect as the final touches on the cake, but you need to make sure to have a steady base first.

Use the given ingredients ranging from the powder, mixing baking soda powder, sugar, eggs, butter, and whipped cream to mix the perfect mixture for your cake. While waiting for it to cook in the oven, you can start looking at our 4 different recipes and prepare the frosting for later. The list of recipes in this game includes the famous Mermaid line cake, Mermaid classic cake, Mermaid cupcakes, and finally, Mermaid tail cake. Take your time and slowly bake samples for these 4 types one by one. As you start the work by rolling up your sleeves and putting on an apron, follow the clear instructions to the letter to make sure the recipes and process are perfect.

The authentic and creative session starts from the frosting and decorating part when the kids need to brainstorm and bring their artistic sides to the surface of the cake. The final results will be mainly based on your decoration, so make sure to take advantage of all given materials such as the lovely fruits, colorful candies, sprinkles, and many more. Remember to keep a final picture of your cake to record your hard work and continue with a different design for more delicious and pretty cakes!

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Instruction to play:

Click the mouse to choose and bake.