Jumping Together

Let's assist the pups and help them get back home as soon as possible in this game of Jumping Together from the new collection at Gogy new game! To make it home safely and in one pack, you need to push each pup to jump on the higher platform. Overcome all the high blocks and reach the exit door on the other side of the screen to move on to the next one.

These pups have tiny legs and they can't jump high on their own, however, if you can utilize all of them and jump together, they can reach higher! Get all the pups to the exit on each level. Not all pups can jump and those that can jump too high. In order to get to higher places, we need your skills to stack the pups and keep jumping until you get a double bounce. A total of 24 challenging high platforms are waiting for the first successful player to crack!

Keep in mind that there will be random obstacles showing up on your paths such as the double blocks, the stacked tiles, or the spiky wheels and gaps that you need to dodge. The changing layout and challenges on different levels will keep the players thinking of new tactics and ways to escape!

If you are a newbie, try to test out the gameplay with a pup at a time to get used to the control of these adorable characters before jumping together. Gain the top scores with rewards and bypass all the levels here to be the first to set a new record! Other games such as Monsters Rotate from https://gogy.games/ will be your perfect options for an exhilarating game time later!

Instruction to play:


Use the arrow keys or WAD keys to move and jump.

Use the touchpad on mobiles and tablets to move the pup.