Word Learner

This Gogy  brain puzzle game is not only perfect for toddlers and kids to learn more new words but it's also a good choice for adults thanks to the variety of categories here. The players get to choose among two modes: the category or the random one. If you pick the first one, you will solve the puzzle in each of the given categories such as Animals, Countries, Fruits, Birds, Flowers, and others.

Select the category that you like and the word shall pop up on the top of the screen immediately. That word is your goal, so do your best to select the letters in the correct order which shall create the words. The scattered letters move very fast throughout the screen, so don't move too slow, or else the word will disappear only after a short time. Get your correct word as soon as possible, however, don't forget that one mistake of selecting a wrong letter will lead to the failure of that word.

As the line of letters moves very quickly, you need to quickly tap on the next letters needed in the word to select them. If you fail to capture them, the game is over. Don't make any mistake of selecting the wrong letter either or else you need to restart with the category immediately. Keep the streak of claiming the longest chains of correct words with more and more completes in this game from https://gogy.games/!

You can easily increase the experience in handling the puzzle games like this with more choices like Desert Faces, available for free also. Test your memory with the latest set of vocabulary and continue to upgrade them with our challenging quizzes! Controlling keys: Use the left mouse button to choose the letters and make a new word.


Instruction to play:

Use a mouse to tap on the alphabet,

or tap on the screen on mobile devices